Krazy for Kale!

Going Raw: for health, for fun!

My all-time favorite vegetable is Kale – no doubt about it, I love it, love it, love it! It’s one of the darkest leafy green vegetables out there ( = more nutritional value!) that is so versatile that I go through stages of only eating it raw and then changing for a month or 2 of sauteing it up in every other meal.  Through the years I have met people who never knew Kale could be eaten raw… I love their faces when they take that first bite of a “massaged kale salad” or their first sip of a “green smoothie”!  It’s always one of surprise & delight!

Here is a quick Kale Salad that not only tastes yummy but is beautiful to look at!  (To make it even more impressive…. fill the salad into the avocado “shells”!  Trust me, your guests will think you’re a complete foodie!)

1 bunch of Kale – torn into pieces (stem removed);  2 Avocados – chopped neatly; bite-sized pineapple pieces (use fresh!); 1 red pepper – diced; 3 scallions – diced;  cilantro – chopped; juice from 2 limes; 1 large garlic clove – minced; a pinch of sea salt, a few dashes of chipolte pepper & a splash of evoo.  Toss it all together gently until coated fully with the lime juice & oil.   Enjoy!!

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