About Me:



I started this blog with the encouragement of family & friends.  I like to think their encouragement is because they believe I am a pretty good cook; but in actuality, it could be because all my conversations with them focus around food – and not just any type of food – but ALL food.  So perhaps they figure I will write about all this food and stop talking about it so we can actually talk about what’s going on in their lives.

If I haven’t been clear yet, my passion is food – wait, not just “food” – but clean, whole foods.  Foods with nutritional value – foods that boost the immune system – foods that heal – and most importantly foods that when melded together are simply delicious – so delicious that all you want to do is continue eating healthy, beautiful food because when you eat this way, you feel amazing!

And so, I invite you into your “new” best friends kitchen – to grab a cup of tea and sit at my table as I ramble on about what I am so passionate about…  FOOD!

This is where I will be sharing tips, tricks & snippets of nutritional information.  I will write out my recipes (disclaimer:  I typically DO NOT measure anything – and so you will have to bear with me and get creative in your own kitchen as well) I will share my idea’s, successes & challenges….  from my kitchen to yours ~  bon appetit!

4 thoughts on “About Me:

  1. Ha ha! I completely agree about the lack of measuring. I only really noticed it myself when I had to write down my first recipe and realised that there were no quantities listed – I’ve got better, but viva flexibility!

  2. Janet says:

    These recipes are fantastico! When you get to Z …….please start over with more!!!!
    Cannot wait to give them a try.

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