Easter – Such a Sweet Day

Easter - hero2Easter is truly the sweetest day of the year, in my opinion that is. I love everything this day represents. Christ is Risen! (He is risen indeed!) I became a believer on March 25, 1997. It was 5 days before Easter. It was perfect! As my husband and I stood in church that Sunday it was the first time I was in pure amazement of His love for me. I was in awe that He died for me! Me! An awful sinner. And yet, in His eyes, I am righteous. (I still can’t get over this truth!)

What is more beautiful than a Savior dying for you?  All so you can live for eternity in His Father’s Kingdom! What greater love is this? That Jesus came to save ALL of us would have been enough. But to die upon that cross so that we may have life? It’s truly unfathomable. It should really bring us to our knee’s everyday of the year, not just this one Sunday.

I challenge you to stand – literally stand – in awe of all our Lord has blessed you with this Sunday.  Just stand. Close your eyes and just let the Holy Spirit take over and remind you of all God has done in your life.  I realize some of you may be going through difficult times right now, but if you truly let God speak to you, you will hear Him as He gently whispers your name. Don’t focus on anything else. Open your heart to Him who calls you His child. You will be blessed. Trust Him. Be still and know He is God.

And then praise Him! Praise Him that Jesus rose from the grave! Praise Him for knowing your name! Praise Him for not just for the blessings of the past, but for all He has for you in the future! Praise Him with all your heart! Think about it… has anyone else died so that you may live? Praise Him.

Let your children know the true story of Easter.  As you decorate your house, your table, your yard – speak of Jesus’ love for them. And have fun with adorning everything spring!

Easter candy eggs

When my children were small, I would let them help me decorate with using their stuffed animals. Even if your bunnies are a little tattered, they will still liven up the table with their cuteness of days gone by.

Easter bunny

If you’re like me, you like to host parties but never have enough matching plates or stemware.  Have no fear! Mix it up! I like to use modern stemware with colors along with vintage glasses to make a “pop” on the table!

Easter stemwareEaster stemware2

Choose your candy wisely! I think using pastel colored chocolate eggs are a sweeter touch than just the typical chocolate easter bunny.  And use your candy to decorate with! I always work on a budget when decorating. You can pick up paper “grass” and line your serving dishes with it and just add your candy! No sense spending money on high end decorations when everyone loves to just grab a few bites of yumminess!

Easter - table (sepia)

Easter - cut outs

Easter Eggs

Easter Table 2

Psalm 63:3 “Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips will praise You”

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