The Chopping Block!

Going Raw: for health, for fun!

It’s always challenging coming up with new meal idea’s – everyone gets in a “cooking rut” every once in awhile.

For me, I get more creative, inspired & encouraged when I make a trip to the local farmers market.  The beautiful colors bursting from the tomatoes, radishes, scallions, carrots, peppers, swiss chard, etc – make my mouth water for a raw chopped salad.  Whatever produce catches my eye – I purchase.  Maybe it’s not the frugal thing to do – but my passion for beautiful food always wins out.   You can take any fresh bundle of vegetables; chop them up, toss them together and add a quick dressing of:  smashed avocado, raw honey, fresh lemon juice, chopped basil, parsley, mint & cilantro with a splash of evoo…. and voila! you have the perfect lunch or dinner – exploding with flavor & colors!  (For protein you can always add a few handfuls of chopped nuts,  black beans or white northern beans or for you meat-eaters,  grilled chicken or steak.  I like adding hemp-heart seeds <3)

A meal like this gives you the vitamins and minerals you need.  Added bonus = omega’s & proteins from the nuts, beans and hemp hearts (& meat if you choose).  Not to mention the “feel good” emotion we all get from eating a heart healthy meal!